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The 9 Best Things About Adapting A Screenplay Into A Novel

  1. Plot is no problem. You already have an outstanding outline to follow and you've already written act one, act two and act three.

  2. You already know your setting and characters.

  3. You get to do all the things you can't do in a screenplay: explore what your character is thinking and feeling, describe their appearance and the locations, write in the past tense if you want, and go beyond what the audience would see or hear.

  4. Your screenplay may already have some accolades from contests, so you already know it's a good story and you may already have some buzz.

  5. Adapting the screenplay into a novel makes you the owner of the IP.

  6. You are instantly creating a wider audience for your story. Who reads a screenplay? Contest readers, assistants at agencies and production companies and maybe your friends. Who reads books? Everyone!

  7. You have a finished product you can be proud of.

  8. Friends and family will read your work and share it.

  9. It just might be the buzz you need to get the film out in the world.

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