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Highlands Christmas Romance

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Highlands Christmas

Highlands Christmas Romance #1

Highlands Homecoming

Highlands Christmas Romance #3

Melissa MacKenzie is an American interior designer with a seemingly happy life — until her husband Dave reveals he's been cheating on her and wants a divorce and the house. But when a letter informs her that she will inherit a home in Scotland, things start looking up.


At the airport she inadvertently meets Colin MacGregor, a charming Scottish-American lawyer who happens to be her husband's divorce lawyer. She's taken by his sexy Scottish accent and charm and, as fate would have it, he's on Melissa's flight to Edinburgh ... and on her train to Inverness, and happens to live in the same town where she's inherited her home.

As sparks fly between Melissa and Colin, he agrees to help her secure the Scottish home that she believes she's entitled to. They dive right into Scottish culture — and each other's arms — as love and a new home seem within reach. Will they be able to succeed in both missions? Or will everything fall apart?

Highlands Christmas is a romantic and delightful story that will set hearts afire. In a fairy tale as captivating as the Loch Ness monster, Melissa and Colin must cross an ocean to end up right where they belong... because home is where the heart is.

In the heartwarming third installment of the Highlands Christmas Romance series, Melissa Mackenzie is on the verge of fulfilling her dream of owning a charming Scottish home. Just as she celebrates signing the final paperwork, her soon-to-be ex-husband, Dave, disrupts her plans by demanding his half of the property in their divorce. To complicate matters further, Melissa's blossoming romance with Colin, who happens to be Dave's attorney, adds a twist to her already tangled life.

As the January chill falls over the Highlands, Melissa finds solace in helping her friend Lindsay prepare for the grand opening of a new inn in Inverness, just in time for a festive Burns Supper. Meanwhile, Colin navigates his own family drama as his father falls for Margaret, a vivacious real estate agent.

With love, loyalty, and the spirit of the Highlands at stake, Melissa and Colin must find a way to balance their personal and professional lives, proving that sometimes, the best gifts come wrapped in the most unexpected packages. Cozy up with Highlands Homecoming for a heartwarming tale filled with romance, friendship, and the magic of Scotland.

Highlands New Year

Snowed in. Kilts. Scotch.
Angus. Caitlin.
Highland love, New Year style.

When Caitlin's impulsive journey to the Scottish Highlands to rescue her friend, Melissa, becomes a snowed-in escapade, she discovers more than she bargained for – a captivating connection with Angus, a ruggedly handsome musician. Amid the enchanting winter wonderland, unexpected romance blooms. Can Caitlin ring in the new year with love?

Highlands Christmas Romance #2

"Highland Christmas - Wishes Come True" checks all of the boxes for a fun and memorable holiday story. It took me on a whirlwind adventure through the Scottish Highlands with a heroine that deserved some holiday magic. This story is a must read for so many reasons: well defined characters, a lovely house that needed some love, and a handsome Scottish attorney. Need I say more? Definitely a holiday story that should be made into a movie."

Magi H. -NetGalley

“A perfect Christmas read that makes you want to {pack} your bags and travel to the Highlands this Christmas." - Jules J. NetGalley
"If you like a sweet, feel-good romance you will be delighted by this tale of love, second chances, and finding home in unexpected places. This is the perfect read for the holiday season with the Scottish setting, touch of romance and engaging characters." - Carla R. NetGalley
"This is a short and sweet holiday romcom! Melissa and Colin are adorkable with each other right from the start; I love that there is no miscommunication as to who they are to each other and they are able to connect on an honest, if awkward, right foot." - Maria L. NetGalley
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