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Amy Quick Parrish

Into Dust - The Thunderbird Chronicles Book 1

Into Dust is an exhilarating adventure featuring Texas’ newest hero, Janey Santiago.

When the bullet pierced her father’s heart and he crumpled to the floor of his convenience store, it changed Janey’s life forever. At first, she wasn’t even sure if she was dead or alive, as she watched a strange blue light shift from his body to hers. In his final moments her father handed Janey his mask, confirming that he was the vigilante superhero who had been fighting the local cartels. Janey felt a surge of energy and knew it was her time to carry on her father’s work. With the guidance of her father’s mysterious right-hand man - and enigmatic parallels from her favorite comic book series, Janey must learn how to use her mysterious new telepathic abilities to fight back against the gangsters that killed her father and threaten to overtake her town.

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The Frequency - False Flag

Trust no one ... not even yourself. When a mysterious monster storm reduces Emily's idyllic family farm to rubble, Emily embarks on a perilous road trip to find her family. Along the way, details unravel about a nefarious shadow organization using government resources to manipulate the weather via electromagnetic waves. Soon the truth about her world and her family threatens to extinguish her innocence. Because in this strange new world, only the brave will survive ... but will Emily?

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Highlands New Year

Snowed in. Kilts. Scotch. Angus. Caitlin.
Highland love, New Year style.

When Caitlin's impulsive journey to the Scottish Highlands to rescue her friend, Melissa, becomes a snowed-in escapade, she discovers more than she bargained for – a captivating connection with Angus, a ruggedly handsome musician. Amid the enchanting winter wonderland, unexpected romance blooms. Can Caitlin ring in the new year with love?


Into the Storm - The Thunderbird Chronicles Book 2

The number one best selling teen action/adventure Into Dust continues Janey Santiago’s adventures as she makes a harrowing journey through the desert in search of her missing mother. Until she learns to control her formidable new abilities, Janey is in danger. As she discovers a long-hidden family secret and unravels her boyfriend Augusto’s disturbing past, she begins to suspect a horrible truth—that the two of them may have inadvertently caused her father’s death. Now Janey must make a decision that will cause her to lose someone she loves forever. What will she do?

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Highlands Christmas - Wishes Come True

Christmas wishes do come true.

Melissa MacKenzie is an American interior designer with a seemingly happy life — until her husband Dave reveals he's been cheating on her and wants a divorce and the house. But when a letter informs her that she will inherit a home in Scotland, things start looking up. At the airport she inadvertently meets Colin MacGregor, a charming Scottish-American lawyer who happens to be her husband's divorce lawyer. She's taken by his sexy Scottish accent and charm and, as fate would have it, he's on Melissa's flight to Edinburgh ... and on her train to Inverness, and happens to live in the same town where she's inherited her home.

As sparks fly between Melissa and Colin, he agrees to help her secure the Scottish home that she believes she's entitled to. They dive right into Scottish culture — and each other's arms — as love and a new home seem within reach. Will they be able to succeed in both missions? Or will everything fall apart?

Highlands Christmas is a delightful sweet Christmas romance that will set hearts afire. In a fairy tale as captivating as the Loch Ness monster, Melissa and Colin must cross an ocean to end up right where they belong... because home is where the heart is.

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Highlands Christmas Romance Book 3 - Coming in 2024

Will Melissa get to stay in Scotland? Will Colin return? What about Caitlin and Angus? Stay tuned for the further adventures!

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