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Television Pilots


THE FREQUENCY - After a monster storm annihilates her family farm, 18-year-old Emily Beckett links up with an enigmatic computer genius who warns of a tyrannical government conspiracy, already in progress. Semi-Finalist, Page Screenwriting 

SWIPE RIGHT - A girl from a small Midwestern town dates her best friend forever -- until forever ends and they break up. She has followed him to the big city and now at 22, she's dating for the first time. 

Selected Feature Screenplays

Court of Lions.png


Co-written with Alex Ruiz. After his 18th century Texas ranch is attacked by vicious criminals, Spanish cattle baron Juan José Cisneros loses everything, but forms an unlikely friendship with a Native American couple that help him put his life back together. Based on the true story of Alex Ruiz' ancestor. Semi-Finalist, 2018 Oaxaca Film Festival. 



Set against the final bloody years of Spain's Christian/Muslim conflict, a young Christian Spanish woman held captive in a Moorish harem questions her loyalties when she falls in love with the man who killed her father-- the Sultan himself.

Winner, Spirit of Moondance Award, Moondance International Film Festival. 

Produced Shorts & Web Series

Into Dust Web Series.jpg

40 BUCKS - While driving away from a robbery gone awry, a remorseful thief gets a chance at redemption. Written, Produced and Directed by Amy Quick Parrish Premiered at the HOTYS Film Festival in Asbury Park, NJ  2018


INTO DUST WEB SERIES - With mysterious shamanistic powers, a shy teenager turns the tables on drug dealers overtaking her town. Written, Produced and Directed by Amy Quick Parrish. Premiered on Austin Channel 8 Infinyt Hour 2010. 


UNREFLECTED - A career confident woman finds herself trapped inside a hunted house. Written by Amy Quick Parrish, Directed by Sony P. Louis

HOKEY SMOKES! FRANK ALLISON & THE ODD SOX (short doc) They're no longer together, the lead singer lost his voice, but 20 years later fans are still dancing to the tunes of the legendary Ann Arbor band you've never heard of. Produced and directed by Amy Quick Parrish

Awards and Accolades


Winner - Spirit of Moondance Award, Moondance International Film Festival

Semi-Finalist - Slamdance, Oaxaca, Page Screenwriting

Quarter-Finalst - Page, Scriptapalooza, We Screenplay, Silver Screenwriting

2nd Rounder - Austin Film Festival for AP Bio teleplay "Promposal"

Award of Merit - Indie Awards for short documentary

Scoundrel: #1 Gothic Horror pilot on the BlackList July, August 2019

The Frequency: Top 10 SciFi Pilot of 2018 on Coverfly's RedList

Into Dust - The Thunderbird Chronicles - #1 Amazon Teen Superhero novel 

Into the Storm - The Thunderbird Chronicles Book 2 - Amazon Bestseller in Time Travel

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