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Winner - Creative Screenwriting Unique Voices - Historical - 2019.png

Winner, Creative Screenwriting Unique Voices-Historical

“... a fantastic premise...consistently well-written and naturally cinematic and atmospheric… central roles for the perspectives of dynamic women and LGBT+ voices...” -Reader The Black List 

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Semi-Finalist, Page Screenwriting Competition

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"...packed with propulsive action and lands on a genuinely surprising reveal."

- Reader, The Black List

 "'s got "legs" as a serialized action drama."

- Reader, The Black List

AP BIO - "Promposal"

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(Teleplay/spec) Jack’s latest “Miles Mission” involves students promposaling a Toledo hometown celebrity to foil his arch-nemesis.

"...funny and excellent episode."

- Reader, The Austin Film Festival

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Winner - Spirit of Moondance Award - 2007 (1).png

Winner, Spirit of Moondance Award, Moondance International Film Festival. 

" endearing love story that crosses over distance, age, and religion."

- Reader, The Black List


(Feature) Co-written with Alex Ruiz, leader singer of Robert Rodriguez's  band, Chingón.  Based on the true story of Alex Ruiz' ancestor. Semi-Finalist, Oaxaca Film Festival. 

 " immersive, cinematic and spiritual moviegoing experience..." 

- Reader, The Black List

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