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Winner Creative Screenwriting Unique Voices-Historical

“... a fantastic premise...consistently well-written and naturally cinematic and atmospheric… central roles for the perspectives of dynamic women and LGBT+ voices...” -Reader The Black List 

AP BIO - "Promposal"

(Teleplay/spec) Jack’s latest “Miles Mission” involves students promposaling a Toledo hometown celebrity to foil his arch-nemesis.

"...funny and clever...an excellent episode."

- Reader, The Austin Film Festival

The Court of Lions

 (Feature) Set against the final bloody years of Spain's Christian/Muslim conflict, a young Christian Spanish woman held captive in a Moorish harem questions her loyalties when she falls in love with the man who killed her father-- the Sultan himself.

Winner, Spirit of Moondance Award, Moondance International Film Festival. 

"...an endearing love story that crosses over distance, age, and religion."

- Reader, The Black List

The Frequency 

(Pilot)  After a monster storm annihilates her family farm, 18-year-old Emily Beckett links up with an enigmatic computer genius who warns of a tyrannical government conspiracy, already in progress. Semi-Finalist, Page Screenwriting Competition

"...packed with propulsive action and lands on a genuinely surprising reveal."

- Reader, The Black List

 "...it's got "legs" as a serialized action drama."

- Reader, The Black List

Swipe Right

Sons of Perdition

(Feature) Co-written with Alex Ruiz, leader singer of Robert Rodriguez's  band, Chingón. After his 18th century Texas ranch is attacked by vicious criminals, Spanish cattle baron Juan José Cisneros loses everything, but forms an unlikely friendship with a Native American couple that help him put his life back together. Based on the true story of Alex Ruiz' ancestor. Semi-Finalist, Oaxaca Film Festival. 

 "...an immersive, cinematic and spiritual moviegoing experience..." 

- Reader, The Black List

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